External Hard Drive (Help ?)

Hi folks,

i recently dropped my Seagate 500GB External Hard Drive consequently wiping everything off it !! Though luckily i did have everything backed up on my PC and on another External Hard Drive.

i replaced the broken HD with a TeraByte and wanted to purchase something to protect it against another accident. i have found hard/soft cases to store/carry the HD in, but is there anything which you can use to cover/protect it permanently at all times ?? i was thinking of covering the HD with lots of bubble-wrap (or similar) which would work, though would not be particularly stylish or aesthetically pleasing.

Here are a couple i found on ebay :-



Welcome to any suggestions…


Paul Seaman

Thanks Stevie,

i did not put into consideration the ventilation factor. Is this crucial ??

But what did you think of the ones on the two ebay ‘links’ please ??


But how large (GB) are these USB sticks please ?? i thought you could only get them in size up to around 16GB max ??



Huh? Whaa? Sticks?

I thought we were talking USB hard drives, the kind with IDE & SATA disks inside plastic cases, not little flash drives…which come in various GB sizes like anything else.

Sorry, got cross wires. My wrong. Yes i am wanting to know about External HD

I have a couple of small USB flash thumb drives that I use for quickly transering files mostly, I think 16 to 32 GB’s?

Yep, these are much quicker for certain things i do agree.

I also have a few external USB hard drives (the IDE/SATA kind) from 350 GB to 3 TB…these I handle like a babies glass bottom & mainly use for storage of files, back ups etc.

Yes, as i have found !! i only dropped mine a few inches off the floor and it completely F##### it :astonished:

If I traveled with it, like maybe you do, that would be different.
And thats my issue, i do travel to gigs on trains and planes so things can get easily bumped along the way.

Thanks Steve,

When i gig locally (using backing tracks in a duo or solo) i carry the HD in my laptop case (with my laptop) and sit it on the passenger front seat of the car.

If i am flying abroard then i also keep them the HD in my laptop case, and take it on as hand-luggage storing it in the overhead compartment.

i never take my Steinberg system out with me because i do not record live material. i only use Cubase to make music at home.