External Hardware Instrument

Hi there,

I am currently experimenting with my jv-1080 and Cubase 7.5.

I was wandering if it was possible to add an external hardware instrument more than one time as an external vst instrument. I can only add it once. So I can use only one instrument on the JV-1080.

When I use it as a rack instrument I can us all the midi channels. I am asking this question because when I export the instrument track I can select it, when it’s a vst instrument. But as a rack instrument I can select only the JV-1080, so all the tracks will be converted in one audio track.

As I am writing this I see the point. There’s one input and one output where all the signals go through. So I guess I have to mute all the all the other midi tracks before I render one midi track into a single audio track.

The nice thing about having it as an vst instrument is that I can add the vst effect on the instrument. So I can adjust the sound. As for a midi track I can only add midi fx.

Has anybody have a different view on this situation.



Some of the external sound modules have a mode that dedicates all their resources into making one voice very well.

That works good to find and convert sounds one at a time (and label them!!)

I haven’t been wanting to send more than one track to an outboard unit, I have too many sounds already!

I think the workflow you’re talking about is about all you can do. You could create more external instruments but you can only use an input once so that would be a problem.