External hardware: Moog Minitaur

Hey peepz,

Ive just ordered one of these: http://www.moogmusic.com/products/taurus/minitaur

…and I have no idea how to route it properly in cubase and with my midi keyboard. Its my first piece of external hardware.

Would I need to plug the audio out of the synth into the audio input on my interface? and if i wanted a midi lane in cubase to control the synth would i need to plug my midi keyboard into the synth, and then the usb midi port of the synth into the usb port on my laptop? or should i keep my midi keyboard plugged into my laptop as it currently is, and just run a cable from the usb midi on the synth into a usb port on the laptop?

Once the cables are sorted, how do I set cubase up so that I can select the synth as an instrument?

Many thanks!!


If you have Cubase Pro 8, open VST Connections > External Instruments. Click to Add External Instruments, set the name, set the count of Stereo tracks, and click to Associate MIDI Device. If you have no MIDI Device, create one (Set the name, set Channels).

Once the External Instrument is created, set the audio Input in the Device Port column.

Then create an Instrument track, and select your newly created instrument from the “External Plug-ins” folder.

Thats great!! Thank you!!