External Instrument is monitored twice! [sound doubling]

Yes I have midi local off on my synth, which is hooked up as an external instrument. However, I hear two copies of the synth (they are phased). When I bypass, the instrument, I still hear my synth, but now it sounds correctly, only once. What’s going on?

I do want to add … when I ‘deactivate’ this external instrument, it still plays and it should actually be muted. Something strange is going …

You need to supply some more details of what you have setup.
It is odd you are hearing two plays given that you have MIDI Local off on your synth, though.

Yamaha AN1x going into Steinberg UR816C into Cubase Pro 11. I have unchecked direct monitoring. Created a midi device for AN1x, added external instrument using channels 7+8 on the UR. When I add the new AN1x instrument as a track, it works, e.g. playing my synth makes sounds. However, when ‘activated’ there is doubling and the meters show audio in and out. When I ‘deactivate’, [should be silence] the synth still plays (very weird indeed) even though it shouldn’t, and there is no action in the input or output meters in cubase. It seems the problem is: why is external instrument STILL playing even when NOT active? It’s almost like there’s some kind of default MIDI through for the instrument that I cannot shut off.

I have discovered that if I go to direct routing, in the inspector, I can click off my main mix bus and send this external instrument to a separate bus that I created for this purpose. Everything seems to work ok. However, this is not obvious to perform, and I wonder why the default behavior of an external instrument would have it play twice as mentioned above. I still feel like something is not right …

Do you have this box checked in Preferences?

MIDI Preferences

yes it is checked. but if i uncheck it, then i cannot hear any instruments. it has to be checked, correct?

The correct answer is “I don’t know”. MIDI Thru is used to pass MIDI data on to a second or even third instrument traditionally. For instance, my older synths that had MIDI DIN jacks instead of USB always had “MIDI In”, “MIDI Out”, and “MIDI Thru” jacks. So since you set this up with it’s own input and output channels as an external instrument, it would seem that you wouldn’t need MIDI Thru. But honestly, I’m not sure.
If it were me, I would go back and triple check your external instrument setup to make 100% sure it’s right, checking the manual where needed, then try without MIDI Thru and see what you get. Then check any other MIDI settings you think could be affecting this.

Hi SF_Green,

Thank you for the advice, but that can not possibly be the solution: midi thru is required if one wants to use their synth as a master controller, which is what I am doing. So my external synth is both and external instrument and a master controller.

I think the problem is that via direct routing, something is wrong. When I click ‘off’ the main mix output in direct routing, the doubling stops.

Does anyone from Steinberg actually patrol these forums and offer solutions? I am a little peeved that I paid for Cubase Pro and something as simple and essential as external instruments does not work ‘as advertised’ e.g. as it states it does in the docs.

If I will need to be constantly changing the direct routing, then this is kind of deal breaker for me.

They do, but there are only a couple and there are about 70,000 people on this forum. You might want to put in a support ticket.
Also, it really helps if you tag your post as an “Issue”. I just noticed you hadn’t, so that might be why they didn’t notice. Either see if you can tag it after the fact, or repost it with the “Issue” tag and also “Cubase 11”. I think reposting would be the better way to go. Think yo just old down the control key when you click on the second tag to add two, but I might not be remembering correctly.

Hi All,

I figured out the problem: the URC-DSP mixer program can NOT be installed when using Cubase. Even when the URC-DSP program is not running (ie closed down) it STILL has some kind of processing going on … so what I was hearing was my AN1x being processed by both the URC-DSP program AND Cubase at the same time. I verified this several ways, and then when I ultimately uninstalled the URC-DSP program, everything works perfectly.


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