External instrument issue Sub 37


I just bought a new computer and i’m having issues setting up my external instruments. It works just fine on my old system but somehow i can’t get it functioning on the new one.

I want to connect my Moog Sub 37 via my UR44. I’ve got the midicables connected as normal into the UR44 and the synth sends audio into input 5. I’ve setup so that when I add a external instrument, I get sound when playing the instrument.
But something is terrible wrong…

For starters, cubase wont read the midisignals from the keyeditor. Even though i get sound when i play on my sub37, I get NO sound they playing via the keyeditor. The Mute/Solo buttons on the track are grey, non-clickable like there’s nothing attatched to the track.

In the devicesetup i notice that my Steinberg UR44 midi output is inactive and i guess thats where my problem leys.
But how do I make it active?

Playing with the Sub 37 standalone outside Cubase works just fine. I just don’t get the external instrument setup to work:/

Regards Thomas Ljunggren

Issue fixed.

Under external instrument, the tab " mididevice" was automaticly set to “no link”. After changing to my sub everything worked.

Here’s a MIDI Device configuration for the Moog Sub 37