External Instrument > Moog > multiple presets/patches simultaneously?

Hi All! I’d love to use my subsequent 37 by Moog in cubase without having to render audio to save every step of the way. Is that possible? For example, is there a way I can route different midi channels into the main VST external instrument so that I can access other patches (similar to how I’m using Kontakt or Engine…etc.)?
OR is this a dream,
because right now I’d have to save the settings I have as a preset in order to come back to it if I need to edit the tempo etc. where the rendered audio will be rendered useless.

Thank you in advance.

I pretty much depends on the capabilities of the target synth. If a synth is capable of simultaneously playing multiple different sounds via different incoming midi channels, then it can used relatively similar to HALion or Kontakt etc.

But I believe the Moog Subsequent 37 is a single patch synth, and so it behaves more akin to Retrologue in Cubase.

Of course the advantage with soft synth plugins is that you can have many copies running simultaneously, while with a similar hardware synth you would have to buy several of the same model. And each copy would then be set to run a different sound.

p.s. I quite like Retrologue as a rather competent soft-synth capable of getting sonically reasonably close to many hardware synths of classic subtractive design. Add some kind of lo-fi audio fx plugin(s) into the Inserts chain and you can get very pleasant results.


I have a Moog Sub Phatty, my workflow is as follows:
record midi for synth
edit midi if necessary
record audio of synth while twiddling knobs as desired.
I keep the MIDI tracks so I can re-record the parts if necessary, it doesn’t take long!
You have to record the analog synth to an audio track for it to be included in the audio export, plus you can use vst effects on it. But these synths can only play one note at a time as stated by the previous poster.

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