External Instrument (PSR SX900) - Assign same Audio Device to multiple Instruments

Hello there,

so I’ve been using a PSR SX900 lately in my studio, and I found that when connected via USB, it has two virtual MIDI outputs called Digital Keyboard 1 and Digital Keyboard 2.

I figured out that Digital Keyboard 1 is dedicated to the Song mode, you get to control 16 MIDI channels freely, like if you were dealing with a generic tone generator.

Digital Keyboard 2 is dedicated to the Style mode, another set of 16 MIDI channels, but they are dedicated to whatever style you have selected via the keyboard, and other panel sounds (Right, Left 1, Left 2, Left 3, etc.).

The problem is that I have an audio interface with just one set of inputs (L and R), and when I create the two External Instruments (even if it’s actually the same instrument), I can assign them to only one Audio Device. When I try to set the same Audio Device for both Digital Keyboard 1 and Digital Keyboard 2, I get the message that the Device port is already in use, obviously.

This means that I can only use one of the two virtual outputs in my session, leading to some problems (eg. you don’t get latency compensation that Cubase cleverly applies to any External Instrument).

Anyone faced a similar situation? Any suggestion? I think the only solution at the moment is having an audio interface with more than one set of inputs (luckily the PSR SX900 has got two set of outputs, and you can route any of the 32 MIDI channels to any out), but I wanted your opinion.

P.S.: I’m attaching a screenshot of my current settings. In this example, I’m working with Digital Keyboard 2.

Could you set the external instrument to Digital Keyboard 1, then record Digital Keyboard 2 to a separate MIDI track simultaneously?