External Instruments Help


I’m trying to get my Korg Minilogue xD to function as just a single instrument track in Cubase, instead of having to have both an audio track (for the recording) and MIDI track (used to write and experiment with).

I’ve created an external instrument that is available to record the incoming audio signal. However I cannot figure out how to configure the proper MIDI in and OUT of the channel so I don’t have to use a separate MIDI channel to use the synth. Any advice?

I’ve used the MIDI device manager but it only allows me to set the MIDI out setup, while I need to set the in and out so I can send the MIDI to my Korg and back to use the piano roll to write with it basically as an instrument track. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Hi and welcome,

You don’t specify MIDI In channel anywhere in Cubase. Cubase always receives all MIDI Channels. If you need to filter some MIDI Channels out, you have to use the Input Transformer on the track.

The Output MIDI Channel is always specified on the track itself. The MIDI Device work on all MIDI Channels.

Thank you for the reply!

In that case, do you know why Cubase wouldn’t be recording my MIDI when recording my Korg through the external instrument? When hitting record it doesn’t capture the MIDI or audio, even though its monitoring the sound through them. I have to make a separate MIDI and audio track to record my external synth at this point.


KORG cannot handle the Audio thru. If you use KORG VSTi, it works just as an editor, in fact. You even don’t send MIDI data thru the VSTi to KORG. Use the other MIDI port to send the data to KORG and use Audio track to get the audio signal.