external instruments latency

External instruments gets delayed with increased buffer size, making them play out of sync with the track.

Is there a way to avoid this?

Re-adjust the delay compensation of the external FX by pinging…? Seems to be the same procedure in C6 as it´s been before.

You can’t?! Not if it’s set up by using a regular midi track → VST instruments. Besides that, you can’t pint it - just adjust the delay manually. something’s not right?

Sorry, my bad, reading posts thoroughly and thinking beforer answering helps… :blush:
I was talking about external FX apologies…
But IIRC somebody already mentioned that here or in the old forum, so maybe a search can help…

Hmmm…it works better if you use the external instrument directly in an instrument track.

But if you do this, you can only use 1 external instrument on your midi device because you can’t set the channel number :imp: