External instruments/Midi device manager

I have spent hours and hours attempting to get my Dave Smith Mopho synth up and running with ‘external instruments’/‘midi device manager’ but alas here I am.

It really is buggy for me. I think I am getting somewhere, leave my settings as they are, start a new project and nothing works again.

Please invest some time in this feature steinberg!!!

By the way I am using cubase 9.5 but I put this in cubase 10 forum as it would certainly entice me to upgrade

Are you sure you’re doing it right? :slight_smile: Giving a few more details might help you get it working.

Did you save your setup in a preset in Audio (aka VST) Connections?

Hi Steve,

Thanks for getting back to me.

So since I last posted I have trashed my cubase preferences and enjoyed some stability in regards to recording and play back of Mopho as an external instrument (I may yet eat my previous words!!!)

The VST connections tab remembers my settings in external instruments and I am able to record and playback note and cc data (in midi editor control lanes).

This is great however I would like to take things further.

I have set up Mopho in device panels and successfully added 2 controls thus far. Cut off (cc102) and res (cc103). I can automate these parameters from my midi controller.

Mopho sends NRPN or cc data or both. A lot of its presets are actually designed with NRPN in mind. For example, the cut off values are from 0 to 164 but when device panels are sending CCs its range on the mopho is 37 to 164.

Is there a simple way off setting up NRPN controls in device panels?

Do i need to be a sysex guru in order achieve this?

I have read the device panels pdf a few times and took some great stuff out of it yet could not understand a bunch of it. It gets to the point where it feels not worth my time to go so deep as ultimately I am a musician first and really just wanna play and write!

I am not planning on using device panels to change presets and am happy to just have an editor in cubase to affect presets and then save them on mopho. This seems achievable with my limited midi knowledge. However, to record using NRPN values would be really add to things.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.