External Instruments - Mono Return Bus does not work?

I have the latest Cubase 5.5 and a Liquid Saffire 56 Soundcard.

I can successfuly use STEREO external instruments, however, a mono external instrument does NOT work in Cubase.
If I route that same mono instrument into a stereo return bus, than it works (but only on the left).

Is it not possible to use external instruments in MONO???

Not positive, but I think this was a bug.

You mean it STILL is a bug? Is this resolved in Cubase 6? Could anybody confirm? I can’t be the only one with an external monophonic synthesizer now can I :wink:

I have exactly same problem.

Solution is this :
Always load the mono instrument into the rack.
F11 is shortcommand for showing the rack.

There it’s working ok.
Well, you have then 2 tracks inside project window, one is the Midi for the synth, and the other is the audio coming from the synth.
There you can use effects send or inserts, as much as possible, fat fat fat :wink:

I hope it’s a bit helpful ?


How do you load a physically external instrument into the VST Instrument rack? :stuck_out_tongue:

Once you set it up as an external instrument in VST Connections it’s available just like any other VSTi.

Wow. That’s awesome, I didn’t realize that.


Thanks! It’s a workaround, sure, but better working this way as opposed to not at all :wink:

(Another workaround I found was to simply create a Stereo Return, and use the Mono->Stereo Plugin from Cubase)

I can confirm this is still broken in Cubase 6.

Are you using it in an instrument track? If so, that´s a limitation of the instrument track, well documented in the manual.