External instruments (playing midi hardware like VSTi)

Hi all,

I’m considering to upgrade to Cubase 11 Pro from Cubase Elements.

I’m really interessed by the external instruments function and would like to know if you use it.

If I understand well, it allows to use external midi synth (I’ve got a Nord piano 4) like VST instruments.
That’s seems really interesting but unfortunately this is a Cubase Pro feature only. Can you confirm that ?

I’ve got one more question regarding the latency. When I play my Nord piano with a midi track there’s no latency at all of course. If I connect it as an external instrument in Cubase, it will work like a virtual instrument so will I have latency when playng the piano (like my others VST instruments) ?

So playing like a virtual instrument doesn’t mean it’s like one. Latency would not be a problem. You obviously need enough spare inputs to connect your keyboard or keyboards as the audio is still coming from the keyboard.

Thanks for your reply.
This feature is only for Cubase pro ?
I wish to have it in Artist version.
This is a very useful feature for musicians, not only for professionals.

I don’t know what version it appears in but if it is only pro then I can’t imagine them putting it in a version costing less.

You can still use external synths with midi and inputs on your audio interface like you have been able to since the beginning