External Instruments

I’ve set up my midi modules as external instruments in Nuendo 5.1

I have, for instance, a Motif ES Rack, using outputs 1/2 and 3/4
I’ve set up an external instrument using two stereo busses.

If I create an external instrument track, how do I route from 3/4 rather than 1/2


Firstly, when you setup the ext instrument, there’s an option to decide how many audio ports it has, and what to map them to (ie where they’re plugged in).

Then, assuming you gave it more than one stereo pair:

Like any VSTi, once instantiated you must click the little disclosure triangle near it’s name in the VST instruments window to enable further outputs. Another fader will appear on the mixer.


Thanks for the reply, goodbyenine

I remembered after posting! - An external instrument track only allows stereo output,
and you have to use the vst instruments window to generate more outputs[as you have pointed out].

I am moving from 3 02Rs with a mix of analog and digital inputs to an “in-the-box” setup, with VSL ensemble PRO on 2 slave machines, running via ethernet, and also an RME Madi and 6532 running digital inputs [using an SSL Alpha link as the DA and AD converter]. I have a Mackie MCU PRO and a CC121 to run automation etc.

My, but it’s difficult to get everything talking together!!!

Thanks again for your help!

Hey no worries.

Your re-organisation sounds like a project and a half.

By the way, I would be REALLY fascinated to know what kind latencies you achieve on that MADI card. I am on Mac, using MOTU 424 (and 2408s) and feel it’s time to get something with better performance, but MADI is the only PCIe solution that offers anything near the number of inputs.

I’ve been thinking about an SSL madi card, or the RME one you mentioned. With the RME though, I think it will take up two slots of space if you want two sets of 64. Not that I would, but almost. But RME rocks as far as everyone seems to say on this forum.

Anyways, how do you find that MADI card?