external keyboard and virtual midi apps

Hi everybody,

I got a simple problem with cubasis, but I´m not able to get it done by myself, maybe someone here can help me.
I want to connect an external keyboard (I tried it via iRig-Midi and also usb-keyboard via CameraConnectionKit) and play sounds from an virtual midi app (I´ve tried Sunrizer, ThumbJam and SampleTank).
If I use the virtual keyboard or pads in Cubasis all of the apps work fine.
But if I play the external keyboard there comes no sound from the virtual midi app.
(Although I can see the appropriate keys on the virtual Keyboard in Cubasis get pressed when I hit them on my external device, so there must be everything right with the midi-signal itself, but it seems not to reach the external virtual midi apps).

I still searched the forum and found the issue-reports about SampleTank and Cubasis, but in my case every other app doesn´t work also, so I hope somebody might have a hint for me.

Thanks in advance!


this behavior is at the moment–unfortunately-expected behavior. Cubasis does not forward the MIDI that it receives to the output (MIDI Thru). Thus, you would have to record your MIDI events and play them back to be able to control external apps or hardware.

The good news: We have this feature on our list and plan to tackle it soon.

The issue with Cubasis and Sample Tank is indeed unrelated with the problems that you experience with your keyboard.

Kind regards,

Ahh ok,
thanks for the promt reply.
It´s good to know, that the MIDI throgh feature is already in focus.

By the way:
although there are still some features missing, I really appriciate that you´re continually working on it, and I´m quite happy with Cubasis so far :slight_smile: