External mic not being picked up through mixer by Cubase 5

I cannot get Cubase to recognize the external microphone through my mixer. The internal Mic on my PC running Windows 7 is the only mic Cubase recognizes. How do I change it to the mic plugged into my mix board?

You set your soundcard and Cubase up correctly. Since you´re not saying which soundcard and mixboard you use and how everything is connected, you´ll probably read it up yourself in the manuals.

I’m having the same problem - let me know if you get it figured out.

My mix board is na Alesis multimix 8. When I start the project (following the manuals) I see only the ASIO option. Shouldn’t the PC be reading the board with the USB connection?

What you need to do is: Select the ASIO driver of your mixer in Cubase. Then go to VST Connections and set up all your input and output busses on your mixer. Now you can select the mixer’s in and outputs in audiotracks in Cubase.

This is killing me. I can select the ASIO for output, but the ONLY option (which is no option) for input is NOT CONNECTED.

Oh that’s odd. You sure you installed the right version of the driver for your OS?

I can’t remember how this got resolved, but the first problem is solved.

Now I’m dealing with something about mp3 encoder expired blah blah blah… When can a guy just hit “record?”

That depends on what version of Cubase you have. Only full versions come with a complete mp3 encoding license. You can always export to wave and do the encoding with another program, more than enough freebie mp3 encoders about.

I had the same problem.

The system was working fine with inputs and outputs going through a USB Audio Interface (Behringer U-PHORIA UMC202HD). Then something happened. I’m not sure what, but I think that I might have started CUBase and was given the dialog box to choose generic ASIO or my USB interface, and I selected ASIO. After that, I just couldn’t get it to return to the USB interface. The driver selection dialogs, for VST input and ouput, only presented “generic ASIO”. I confirmed that device was still there in Windows, and was able to use it for Windows sounds and mic, but CUBase just wouldn’t find it. I re-installed its drivers, restarted windows and CUBase numerous times, and “nada”. In existing projects the tracks showed “Mono In 1” (from the device), as “not connected”, but clicking the settings only gave “generic ASIO”. New tracks and projects only offered generic ASIO.

After two hours I was at my wits and, and the next desperate option was to re-install CUBase, but when I went to do that, I saw one-last-chance - uninstall the Steinberg generic ASIO driver (The first of several Steinberg programs installed alongside CUBase, in the Programs control panel). I did that, and it was good again! Now CUBase is using the USB inputs and outputs again!