external MIDI keyboard stops triggering VSTs after minutes

I start Cubase, load my VST, and begin to play on my external MIDI keyboard. But after a while, regardless of what brand of VST I am using, the keyboard fails to trigger the VST anymore. There is still a signal coming through Cubase every time I press a key on the external keyboard, but no sound from the VST and the VST shows nothing pressing down a key (where as normally it does). I am able to use my mouse to press down a key on the VST, so its not the VST I don’t think. I’m not sure that anything is triggering this problem either—it varies when it happens, sometimes after a minute of Cubase being open, sometimes after 15 minutes…it does seem to usually happen whenever I break in playing (I am talking about a couple of seconds break to move down an octave on the keyboard or change a setting in the VST). I have downloaded the latest drivers for the MIDI keyboard and the keyboard is showing in my MIDI devices. I don’t believe this is related, but for what its worth, my computer usually crashes shortly thereafter—in my opinion the crash has more to do with me frustratingly trying to close the project or Cubase and reopen to try again.

I am using the following:
Cubase LE4
Windows XP Service Pack 2: Pentium M: 1.6Ghz: 496 MB RAM
M-Audio Keystation 88es
VSTs I have used which encounter problem: Arturia (various), Native Instruments FM8, Hartmann Neuron

Which MIDI interface? If direct USB, try the Emulated Ports. There’s a knowledge base article titled Windows MIDI Config that tells how to get them to show.

Thanks, do you have a link for that—I did a search in the Knowledge Base and the search comes up with no articles found.

Just pick Cubase as the filter and scroll through the articles. :confused:

Sorry to be such a dunce, but I did as you suggested and there is no article of that title (or anything generally similar).

This info used to be front and center, now it’s buried. :imp: