External Midi Possible?

Im sure this a noob question but im new this whole software thing… been on the mpc for a few years.

My question is, is it possible to use my Fantom x6 and record the midi notes for each channel into Cubase on separate instrument/midi tracks instead of having to record them directly into cubase as audio? If so how? please this is a big part of something thats slowing down my workflow

also, for future notes, how would i link up several external synths this way? I only have one midi in/out on my firestudio mobile. would it have something to do with the midi thru on the keyboards?

MIDI isn’t audio so you’ll have to explain the first issue better. The MIDI section of the Getting Started manual would be a good start.

Re: the second issue, you can use MIDI Through, but each device has to use different channels.

thx for the quick reply!

So yes, i have the audio outs of my fantom going into the inputs of a stereo channel on my audio interface (firestudio mobile) so i have no poroblem recording audio straight from the fantom into cubase on an stereo audio track .

what i want to do is be able to record the midi notes into cubase so i can quantize and edit the notes and be able to hear the different channels of the fantom but have them all on separate midi/instrument tracks. i think thats the easiest way to explain it… i hope u can understand what im saying.

as the fantom is multitimbral you just create a midi track and assign a midi channel to your keyboard form 1-16 so it will allow you to record 16 separate tracks and yes you can manipulate and tracks as separate .the manuals will explain but yes you can .basically you want to be old school like myself and just use cubase to sequence your keyboards instead of recording audio and cubase is the best program on the planet for midi control of external gear and that is why ive stayed with cubase from the very beginning ,cubase has now got to the stage that the only limitation is your external gear .

As far as connecting loads of outboard gear you need a midi interface with more than 1 i/o something like the motu 128 midi interface which allows no time loss like using the "thru "on your keyboard ,it is advised not to “thru” more than 3 instruments with cables no longer than 1.5 m as latancy will happen , hope this helps abit but you really need to read the manuals


thanks alot… i did finally figure it out… in completely forgot about the ‘midi’ tracks and in my head was thinking it was the same as an instrument track lol. and i also decided to got with usb over midi… i seems to be alot more user friendly. but anyway since then i have located and saved the good ol’ manual to the desktop :slight_smile:

Yeah i really do think i made the best choice when i dropped the big bucks at guitar center for Cubase 6! I really like it and i can see how its making me grow as a producer and mixing engineer alike. The MIDI editing is great and with a bit more reading up and tutorials i should be on my way up lol.

One thing that is working my nerve and i cant seem to locate it in the manual is… I cant seem to get the outputs to play from both my monitors AND my headphones. I only got it to work once and have not been able to get them both playing again… i know it has something to do with setting up the outputs in the vst connections (f4)

… if i place DAW 3 & 4 in the stereo out 1 & 2 slot it switches from the monitors to the headphones but if i create an additional stereo or mono output … it still only plays from the monitors