External Mixer -- will this work?

Hi, can someone advise me before purchase please, I would like to use a small external mixer something like this,

But would I be able to input a guitar or keyboard into one input and a mic into another input at the same time, then output from the mixer into the 2 inputs of the UR22 and create 2 separate audio tracks within Cubase which I can record and tweak individually in one take? or will I have to record each track individually? thank you for any replies

if you have a UR22 you can do this already…

why do you need the mixer?

Hi, thank you for the reply, I would like to use external EQ and FX, I have always found it difficult to get the right sound using CB EQ & FX

In my experience the fx found on these mixers are between sort of ok and useless. So if you hope to get some analog flavour in this way… Well, not the best idea.

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And you really hope that a mixer for 70 pounds will provide better sound?
The EQ on these small mixers is very limited…

There are models available that have more features… DI inputs, 4x4 USB interface

@misohoza Thank you
@st10ss yes more than 70 pounds lol, the link was for reference ,

but the question was about recording to 2 individual tracks with 2 different instruments simultaneously into CB using an external mixer

and the answer was that it is already possible with the UR22 alone…

and all other possibilities depend on the mixer model

some of them (the Zedi10FX for example) provide a mode where the inputs are recorded with all processing via the built in USB

some other mixers provide direct channel outputs or you can record the main out with one instrument panned hard left the other one hard right

I am aware that i can record individual tracks on CB with the UR22, what i want to know is how would I route the output of the external mixer into 2 separate audio tracks ie, ch1 vox, ch2 guitar, if there was not a built in USB only left and right out of the external mixer. if not what type of mixer would I need?


@steve onto 2 individual audio tracks,

one track is input one, the other track is input two
they are differently labelled on the mixer… left and right are just labels

yes thats what I say

@st10ss Thank you :slight_smile:

there is another option…
you can use more expensive front ends to the UR22
something like a very good preamp with EQ and compression
or a API500 system… endless possibilities

over my budget unfortunately

nah… don’t be that pessimistic… :innocent:

lol do you have a link please?

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