External multi out synth


I am trying to set up my external drum synth (Vermona DRM1) using the external instrument feature.
It has 8 separate outputs, which I’ve connected to my primary audio interface using ADAT.
I am able to add all of the inputs when setting up the synth, but I cannot hear anything except from bus 1 (which is the kick). I have attached a screenshot showing how I’ve set it up.

I’ve tested that audio is indeed coming through by adding a separate audio track and setting it to receive from one of the ADAT inputs.

I’m using Cubase Pro 10.

Thanks and kind regards,

Hi and welcome,

Have you enabled the multi-outs when you create the Instrument track?

I’d check that you’re getting sound out from the other outs on the Vermona first.

Try hooking up different outs to buss 1 to see if you can hear anything.

Thank you! I can only see the stereo out when I’m creating a new instrument track. I’ve added a screenshot showing what I see (along with my setup).

I tried setting the clap channel (ADAT 8) up as the only output in the Audio Setup dialogue, and I got audio coming through when triggering the clap through midi.


I’m sorry, I can’t find the screenshot.

I mean the function under the “Activate Outputs” (described in manual here).

That did the trick! Thank you so much :slight_smile:
I’m very new to Cubase, still so much to learn.