External multi-timbral instrument with multiple outputs

I have an external synth one one physical MIDI input, but it is multi-timbral, with multiple audio outputs. I cannot figure out how to configure this as an External Instrument such that I can have multiple instances in my project.


In the Audio Connections > External Instruments, click the Add External Instrument. In the Add External Instrument window, set the Mono Return(s) or Stereo Return(s) to the count of the outputs, your Audio Device has.

This does not work. It still only allows me to add one instance of the External Instrument to a Project.


This is how is the External Instrument designed. I was thinking, the task is to use multiple outputs of the Instrument.

You can add a MIDI Tracks and route the MIDI Track to the Instrument, so you can operate multiple MIDI Channels.

Yes, that’s the only way I can make it work. Thanks