External nstruments with multiple outputs

I have a Roland D-550 which, when using “split” patches outputs one sound on the Left output and another on the right. Consequently, I’ve setup my D-550 as two mono returns but when I select the instrument, Cubase just creates a single audio return and I can’t even manually create the missing audio return as Cubase won’t let me (because it’s already assigned to the D-550 !).

So why does Cubase let me setup an instrument with more than one Mono return, if I then can’t access the remaining returns ? Or am I somehow doing something wrong ?

It seems to work, here… At first, yes, there is only one return created.

But you can get the missing one with the VST Instruments window (using the little icon on the far right of the instrument slot) : as soon as you activate the missing output, the related missing return track is created.

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Thankyou so much for replying. You are correct and I never would have figured that out !