External/Outboard IO in WL7 Mac

OK, so I’m inserting some outboard gear. It appears to work if I select “ASIO Plug In” in the master section. Great! Questions:

  1. Is “ASIO” a generic term here? I mean I don’t have any ASIO devices, drivers etc on my machine… Does it mean “core audio” in mac-land (because that’s what it’s seeing - devices set up in streaming)?

  2. Is there any way to insert analog/outboard gear on TRACKS, or is it “Master Only”?

I understand the issues with a clip-based approach, but it shouldn’t be too hard to route a Montage track to a physical spigot. If it’s not possible now, I’d like to request this feature for a future rev (near term - this is something WL7 excels at, and for me a good reason to use it!)

  1. This term is only to differentiate the type of device on Windows. On the Mac, every device is ASIO (from the WaveLab point of view).
  2. Only for the Master Section.

Very good, thanks!

Please consider adding track-based external i/o for a future rev… again I understand why it would be difficult, if not impossible, on clips (routing nightmare, also painful transport lag as things are shuffled around dynamically). The specific need is for stem mastering where you frequently use different outboard on a per-stem basis, and secondarily surround could benefit occasionally (but master i/o generally works for most surround work).