External Plug in realtime export

Hi. Is anyone else experiencing this. Everytime I try to render a vsti I keep getting the same message saying that an external plug in is being used and I must render in real time. This is the case whether I use a 3rd party VSTi or a Steinberg’s own VSTi. Am I missing something in preferences or something.

I am using the latest version of Cubase 9 on a pretty high spec dual xeon 128 meg Ram PC running windows 7 (64bit). I have never had this before and have used all the versions of Cubase since the Atari (way back in the 80’s).

Some of my songs have 50 plus tracks - rendering in realtime is really becoming time consuming.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.


Ever since external FX were introduced, export with external FX has to be done in realtime.

Hi. Thanks for the reply. I’m a bit confused. I was referring to VST instruments and not FX. I am not using any external FX. Does this still apply?


Do you have any external plug in in the project?
I receive this but only when I use the VirusTI otherwise all work like it should.

To avoid this try select the VSTi output in the export menu before render.