External plugin window

Hi there,

We have implmemented a rather complex plugin with a UI that features a detachable window for ergonomic reasons.
The mechanism works fine on AU/AAX/VST2 and VST3/macos but unfortunately on Windows/VST3 we’re unable to receive the keystrokes.

I’ve tried several approaches and combinations without success so far:

  • Hook the keyboard using win32 to receive the events in any window: eats up certain host keys etc
  • Use the VST3 onKeyDown functions and forward the events to the detached window: the main window gets the events but as soon as the external window is selected, the host steals the focus from the plugin and stops transmitting key events altogether

Has anyone implemented such a mechanism successfuly and if so how ?
If not is this something that might be considered for a future version of SDK ?

Thanks !