External power button for UR C audio interfaces

Hi guys!
I just bought a UR44C that I really like but I really miss the power button that was present on the original UR44. Apparently none of the current UR C line ( except for the UR816C) has one.
I found on the internet this little switch ( see picture) that you connect between the interface and the AC adapter. (Spec regarding voltage, Amper and barril size seem to match with the UR44 C 's AC adapter spec).
Do you think this is a viable option to add a power button to the URC audio interface or could this damage the audio interface or alter its performance?

( I think a virtual on/off switch in the DSPmix FX could fix that lack of button in case the developers of the app read this)

Let me know what you think please.
Thank you

Hi Moehr, I use the power source switch on mine. I switch it to usb and switch off my computer when I’m done for the day.

Hi Pablo
Thank you for your reply.
You re definitely right! The power source work great as a power button! I haven t even think about it.
(Can someone from Steinberg confirm that it s safe for the unit to do so?)
Thank you!