External pre amp for UR242

I’m using UR242 and I want to record with SM7B but SM7B request minimum 60dB of gain and UR242 have a maximum 56dB gain, so I need to purchase a external preamp (minimum 2 input) and not over 150-170$
Any suggestions?


What are you going to record?

If close-miking drums or amps, you definitely don’t need 60dB of gain.
If close-miking vocals/speech, you probably don’t need 60dB of gain.
If miking silent sources, then you definitely need a lot of gain. But in that case SMN7B isn’t a good choice anyway.

SM7B demands a lot of gain from pre-amp. But exact amount depends on application. I’ve found UR22mkii having marginally enough gain for close-range recording of normal speech with it.

I tried to record vocals and acoustic guitar with SM57 and the gain is very low.

Everyone will have an opinion…
Here’s mine… If you really want/need a preamp then take a look at the PreSonus preamps. The TubePre or BlueTube are priced right and are quality products. I like having that 12AX7 tube in the circuit, if wanted, to get some different dynamics.

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Have you tried playing with the pre-gain on the actual channel input in Cubase - or inserting a gain plug in?
I use a GAP pre-73 DLX for my ribbon mic - this is considerably beyond your budget though.

What’s slightly beyond the budget (£235) - but is a very interesting alternative is the ART TPS II - yes people love to slag ART stuff off - but some of it is very good and this is one of those examples, two decent sounding and very versatile (variable impedance) pre-amps plus (additional) digital output and 70+db of gain makes this a very useful studio workhorse, a friend of mine uses his a lot for re-amping using different gain and impedance settings to find the harmonic sweet-spot - adding body to guitars and bass - along with the usual tracking duties, I can’t fault the sound.

Something like the PreSonus might sound better (on the other hand it might not!) but it won’t offer the versatility this unit offers.

Hello everybody! As I understand, the second input in sound card is instrumental (I’m talking about UR22mkII). I also thought to buy Presonus tube preamp, but later I changed my mind. There is no need for external pre-amp I guess. Please let me know if I’m wrong. Will apppreciate your comments.
And, keep rocking !