External Sound Card Issue

Hi all,
Im going somewhat crazy now. I have a E-MU 0404 USB External Sound Card which I want to use.
But after installing the sound card, with the latest drivers and whatever, Cubase totally freezes if I go to Device Setup and choose E-MU Asio as my VST Audio System.

It happens every time.

If I choose to open lets say Kontakt5 as a standalone, it wont open. It freezes before even opening.

Is it my 2007 E-MU 0404 USB soundcard, or is it something else? Anyone have a clue?

I am really frustrated by fickling around and not being able to make music. SO annoying.

It worked “fine” when I was using my onboard soundcard with Asio4All, but I really want to use my external soundcard. Would really appreciate to get some help on this issue!

Hi and thanks for your reply.
One of the problems is that the old drivers for this card will not be valid for Windows7 due to something about lack of digital signing on drivers etc. So my original installation-CD is of no use.
Creative E-MU provides some new drivers, and the installation seems to work fine, but thats when I experience the problem I described, which is that Cubase totally freezes, even Kontakt5 or whatever freezes upon startup when trying to use them as standalone.

I use 44.1 as my sample rate, and thats what I also have in Cubase. I wonder if its anything else I have to do. I have diabled the internal soundcard as well.

yes, have re-installed. Used drivers which is for Windows7 64-bit. Disabled the internal soundcard(Realtek).
I tried to go to Control Panel and the Sounds. Chose my external soundcard, which also was my default device, and checked that the sample rate is 24 bit 44100Hz(the same as in Cubase). When I tried to listen to it, like choosing the Advanced-tab in Sounds in Control Panel, the same thing happened. I just heared a little sound for like a millisecond before it all froze. So its defently not related to Cubase. Its something with the soundcard or my laptop settings.

I have checked Device Manager. Everything is fine, no yellow or other colors. The onboard soundcard has been disabled. E-MU looks fine. Cant understand why it is freezing as soon its being used. It freezes the whole laptop so I have to restart it manually.

You know what, I got so sick and tired of this sound card. It was E-MU0404 USB. Think I bought it in 2007. And Creative dont really have updated drivers for Windows 7 64-bit.
So after trying all kind of sample rate combinations and disabling audio in bios and whatever, and still it froze my laptop instantly, I decided to buy a new soundcard. I bought Steinberg UR22. I had to pay around 170$ and it worked like a charm! I bought Steinberg since Cubase is my DAW and ofcourse since I got tired of not being able to make music insted of f**** around with setup.

Thanks for the input by the way!