External sound packs

Hi, I just bought an external drum kit. I have all the folders with the “.wav” sounds on my desktop but I don’t know how to see them in Cubase. (It’s not a Vst so it can’t show in the plug-in manager).
I can only listen to them one by one opening them on my pc and dragging them into the program, and this is very slow, how can I add all of them in Cubase so i can rapidly find and listen to them?
Thank you very much.

For sound libraries in WAV, REX, AIFF, etc. format, Media Bay is the tool to use in Cubase.

Open Media Bay and locate your library on the hard drive where you installed it (This Computer, Drive D, etc.). May require a Rescan of your hard drive. Afterwards, you can listen to each file before dragging your selection into Cubase. Simple and Fast.