External Summing: How to?!?

So, I finally got my NEVE 8116 summing mixer, fantastic unit and works like a charm, however with flexibillity comes choice and that’s where I struglle at the moment. Without taking too much of a deep dive of my setup, the way a summing mixer works, is that it basically gets 16 channels (or 8 stereopairs) out of Cubase and gets 1 stereopair back into Cubase. Now, here is the dillema, i can do 2 different setups, both with their own gripes. Am i overlloking something and is there a smarter way to do this?

option 1:

  • Create 8 stereo group channels
  • Define 8 external FX (7 with only sends connected: pair-1, pair-2, pair-3, pair-4 etc) and 1 with both send and return connected (this is where the total sum comes back into Cubase and basically everything routes towards the main mix as expected and u can use all Export/Mixdown options to render your track)

option 2:

  • Create 8 stereo outputs
  • Create 1 stereo input
  • create an additional audio track
  • press listen to on the track input to hear it
  • Now I need to “record” my audio first in order to get a mixdown, since a live input will not be included in mixdown and when mixing down you can only choose 1 output… (and there is no way to reconnect outputs again to the main mix)

Then i thought of option 3:

  • create 8 stereo outs
  • create 1 external FX return (instead of an external input) and put this on the main mix
  • This WORKS when i press play, but leaves the resulting WAV EMPTY after mixdown.

So, nothing is broken, everytihng sort of works, but what i really would like is using my subgroups (or additional OUTS) in Cubase without defining extenral instruments and to keep the export/mixdown process intact, not needing workarounds like recording an input first. etc. etc.


I would think in your case the better setup would be to create 8 stereo outs, send to the 8816, return stereo summed mix to cubase on a new stereo channel input. Do not engage the input track monitoring (Feedback!!!)

Connect your monitor speakers to the summed mixed output from the 8816 (for monitoring the summed mix) it’s why it’s there.

Forget about audio export it’s not for such scenarios.

Unless you have more than 16 outs? then you could set up a monitor output that’s independent of the summing busses?

Press record and off you go.

Nice box by the way :slight_smile:

thanks, couple of issues for me though, i want EVERYTHING to end up in the main mix, also i want to keep using my control room functionallity (currently my Benchmark DAC HDR)
So I guess I can route the 8816 monitor out to the Benchmark analogue in and switch. As permanently leaving monitoring through the NEVE is not an option (as i have projects where i don’t want/need to sum through it)

Basically your are suggesting the same as i found out already, but i’m really not keen on the “hit rec” scenario, dunno why, i have a main out and want to use it I guess :mrgreen:

So anybody else has thoughts on this?

  • End up in Main Mix
  • keep “Export” functions intact
  • but work with pre-defined outs rather than extenral instruments if possible
  • avoid having to record and monitor via an additonal track with an external input.