External Sync is not syncing very well

I can not get external sync to work correctly. I have a EMU Command Station and Analog Keys which I would like to sync to Cubase. What happens is both synths tempo indicators show the beats moving between 119 and 121 BPM when the tempo in Cubase is set for 120BPM. I have tried each synth separately , doesn’t make any difference. I have swapped out the MOTU Express for a newer MOTU Micro Lite (latest driver) – that didn’t make a difference either. I have uninstalled and reinstalled Cubase to no avail. The only box I have checked under the project synchronization menu is midi clock out for AKeys and the EMU. As an experiment I did check the box to send midi clock while stopped. I noticed even then the tempo both synths were receiving was still moving.

Any ideas on how to resolve this?

Steinberg UR824 – ADAT 1: MR816x
MOTU Express XT
Win10 updated 7-27-16

I have rolled my computer back to its original state and reinstalled Cubase and hardware drivers. The problem remains.

Either the synchronization from cubase stinks or it could be my MOTU MIDI Express XT USB. It is the older version, so I’m now wondering if there are compatibility problems with Win10, which the newer XT does not have.

Anyone use the newer XT with Cubase w/o syncing issues?

Seems to be a fairly common problem across DAWS. Don’t think it’s specifically a Cubase issue…could be Windows at fault.

Can you make one of the synths the clock master?

Cubase does not slave to Midi clock so choosing the synth’s to be master will not work. Cubase can slave to MTC though so you can try this if you have another device which can send MTC and Midiclock at the same time. I used to do this with an MPC1000 - with Cubase slaved to the MPC’s MTC on one Midi output and the Midi gear slaved to the MPC’s Midi clock on another Midi output. That worked much better than slaving anything to the Cubase clock ever did. Another route to having your Midi devices sync accurately to Cubase is to use a special solution like Expertsleepers gear, Innerclock Syncgen, ACME-4, or ERM multiclock. That’s really the best way for the most stable and adjustable sync with your DAW.