External Tools: working examples

Hello folks,
I´ve been trying to make something happen with the External Tool function in the batch processor

The manual says this:
“In this dialog, you can configure external tools to work with WaveLab Pro. For example, you can run a tool to zip the output files or an FTP tool to upload the files to the Internet.”

However, I can´t get nothing to happen.

How exactly would you setup the External tool, to create a zipped file of the entire processed batch?


  • You have to supply the path to the tool you want to use (red arrow), eg. a zip application
  • You have to specify the command line arguments (green arrow)

I don’t think there’s an easy way to call the built in zip function on Windows because Microsoft doesn’t make it easy (?), maybe someone else knows better, but it should work calling 7-zip or Winzip to do it with an argument. I’ll try it with 7-zip later. 7-zip should do it on Win and Mac, but also maybe the built-in zip is easier to call on Mac.

I tweaked a little on this dialogue, but apart from opening the external program, I don´t know what to do to create a compressed file containing all the files that were converted by the batch processor, which is what the manual says you can achieve (and which would also save me a lot of time)

Do you think this is possible?
And if so, how do you set it up?

The following works for 7-Zip. You have to name and save the batch, and that will be the name of the zip file. With my command it won’t work if the batch file is not named and saved.

The argument I used is just one possible use of the variables:

a (FileFolder)\$(FileNameNoExt).zip (OutputFiles)

The basic 7-Zip command I used is:

a OutputZipFilePath\OutputZipFileName.zip InputFiles

I never could get it to work with built in Windows zip, but reading about it, it sounded incredibly convoluted and only even feasible now with Powershell (?), but maybe PG or somebody else would know.

7-Zip is a great program to have anyway, I’ve used it for a long time. It works to extract many zip files I’ve received that Windows won’t open, and it can extract multiple selected zips at once.

Actually if I was using this, I would want the zip file name to be the same as the custom Output folder name I made in the batch. Like if I setup the batch to output to a folder named “Performer Title FLAC 24-96” I would probably always want the zip file to have that same name, without path. But the Output Folder Name doesn’t seem to be in the list of arguments, is it PG? Can it be added if it’s not there?


Also, if the Output Folder Name is, or was available, you wouldn’t need to name and save the batch, like in my command, which would be a good thing.

Can it be added if it’s not there?

Good idea. Noted.


Thanks Philippe. I just noticed that with my command, the output files are zipped directly inside the zip file, without the containing folder inside the zip that I would expect when I normally right-click a folder, “send to compressed (zipped) folder” on Windows (and similarly on Mac).

The resultant zip file extracts as I would want on Windows (it adds the containing folder when extracting), but not when extracting with 7-Zip “extract here”. To have the 7-Zip program create the zip file with the containing folder inside the zip file is what I (and probably others) would expect in order to use this. But I can’t figure out how to place the existing (or future) arguments to do that. I think that’s what most people would need to happen in order to make use of this external tool method instead of manually “right-click send to compressed folder”, because that always includes the containing folder inside the zip file. If you see any way to do that with the existing arguments, or possible future arguments, I think it would be a necessary part of this for many people including myself.

I guess an Output Folder with Path argument would work, because the existing Wavelab Settings Folder argument works correctly (putting the enclosing Settings folder inside the zip).