Extra automation points created when using Global Copy / Paste Time

Hey there guys, I hope you’re all doing great.

I truly love Cubase but there’s always been one thing that’s been a huge time-waster for me over the years, and that is extra “ghost” automation points being added when using Global Copy / Paste Time.

Allow me to walk you through the issue. I’ve created a tiny test project with an instance of Spire and added 3 basic automation points for its cutoff:

If I use the range tool to duplicate this, everything works as expected:


I end up with exactly 5 automation points where the middle point at 0 is reused since is identical to the pasted automation.

However, if I use Edit / Range / Global Copy and then Edit / Range / Paste Time, I get an additional point in the middle of the automation which is only easily visible if I zoom in really close or use the arrow keys to move through automation points:


Looks OK from far, but there is an extra automation point in the middle on the bar 3 line:

Duplicating time like this across a large session is extremely common in EDM production which is why I have historically used Global Copy and Paste Time instead of dragging the range tool over tens of tracks, but as you can see, this ends up causing extra clutter throughout my project and I’m left cleaning up automation across dozens of tracks one by one.

Am I missing something or is there a way to avoid this?

Thanks so much

Using a macro such as that below seems to be better of this won’t insert time, just duplicate the selection for the entire arrangement:


This definitely avoids this automation problem (which I would consider to be a bug).

I hope that you can assist and get this issue sorted for good.

Huge love

Yup, this sure is annoying!

I’ve made a post a little while ago about the same thing:

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Thanks, glad it’s not just me. Try out the macro I suggested above and see if that helps you out. I believe Nuendo has an option to thin out already written automation but that doesn’t help us Cubase users.

Like you, I’m very particular about having redundant automation points in my session. It clutters the session and makes editing difficult if you ever wish to change a point and have 2 others right beside it that you can’t see.

OK I think I’ve managed to actually do this properly while duplicate time:


I think the key is to use the range selection to paste your bars, and not Paste Time which is broken.

Yeah, I’m surprised that there aren’t more people annoyed by this. Either way, thanks, I’ll check out that macro!

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