Extra Bar(s) of silence added between flows during playback

I am getting an extra bar or two of silence between each flow during playback.
The bars are not showing up on the score(write) pages.
I have tried the trim flow function but it has not changed the problem
Any ideas on how to fix the issue would be much appreciated

There’s a setting, I think in preferences, that sets the break between flows. It’s not in the score, just an in between movements pause.

In Playback Options I think.


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Welcome to the forum @111173 - see here :slight_smile:

(Requires Dorico Pro)

now all we need is to be able to set the break individually between flows as in a real concert situation, the appropriate gap is always dependent on the music (and of course varies from conductor to conductor). At the moment, various workarounds need to be implemented.

I hope there will also be a tick box to include thirty seconds of instrumental retuning :slightly_smiling_face:

don’t you realise that the whole point of a virtual performance is to dispense with the need for real musicians with annoying habits like having to retune instruments :grin:.