Extra blank pages don't go away

I’m working on a short piano piece that takes up only 3 pages. For some reason, the Flow has added 10 numbered blank pages I can’t delete. They exist only in Full Score view, and there only in Page view. I can’t get rid of them or put anything on them; if I add blank bars to the end of the piece, they just stay on the 3 pages, squeezing the score till it’s unreadable. I admit it’s not a big deal since I normally work in Galley view…but it’s annoying. Any ideas about how to delete them?


No way to tell without seeing the Project file.

In Engrave mode, look at the top of the right panel. Locate the blank page(s) that have red corner(s), right-click each of them (one at a time) and click Remove Page Overrides.

Turn System Break and Frame Break signposts on from the View menu. On the third page of music, there’s likely either a Frame Break at the top of the page or a System Break at the beginning of the last system (or both). Select the Frame Break, if there’s a Frame Break, and untick its “Wait For Next Frame Break” property. Select the System Break, if there is one, and untick its “Wait for Next System Break” property.

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You should be able to shift-click a range of pages prior to removing page overrides, as well — or Ctrl/Cmd-click assorted pages.