Extra/Block Lyrics at End

I wonder if there is demand for a feature that could convert and format existing lyric verses as block lyrics at the end of the music?

I’m unfamiliar with the engraving conventions for this, so such a feature would be helpful in that regard too. I guess some complications in the implementation would include having lyrics display with line breaks and without hyphens (except when appropriate) when in block form.

It seems like the best way right now is to create a master page override on the last page, create a text frame constrained to the margins, and center the text. Is that the recommended way? I’d ideally want to avoid master page overrides, but I see there is no such thing as a “Last Page” master page, or a way to apply a master page to the last page even as the music changes and grows.

No need for an override. You can easily create a master page called “Last” with text frames as needed.

Ahh, I guess that is an option. The problem I’m running into with a “Last” master page is that it’s tough to know where to end the music frame and where to begin the text frame. It’s easier to see when I’m editing the frames directly in the music area / layout, which shows where the music is currently ending on the page (but which also unfortunately creates the override when editing this way).

It’s also too bad that you can’t constrain a frame to the bottom of another frame, or better yet, to the end of the music even as it updates.

There is no problem with frames that overlap.

For example you could anchor your text frame to the bottom of the page area, Set the text position to “bottom”, and then add blank lines at the end of the block lyrics if you want to push them higher up the page.

Leave the music frame as the full page size and set the vertical justification in Layout Options so Dorico doesn’t justify the music and leave no room for the block lyrics. (E.g. only justify the page if it is more than 80% or 90% full of music, not the default 60%)

If you store the block lyrics somewhere in the project info, e.g. in the “other information” field, then you can use the {@flowotherinfo@} token on the master page, and do a Master Page Override for the last page of the flow.

If the number of pages in a flow changes, that will be much easier to fix up than having the actual text in a page override, for example.