Extra metronome click

I’m using a Yamaha CP40 Stage with Dorico Pro 4. In the past I could click the record button in Dorico and press keys on the keyboard and only hear the sound on the keyboard (Guitar, Grand Piano, whatever I have it set on).

Now, for some odd reason I hear the metronome (with latency) each time I press a key. This is happening along with the metronome click started by Dorico.

Is there a way to stop my keyboard from sending the event that triggers the metronome click? Or setup Dorico to ignore that particular event.

I also noticed that the metronome click is trigger on the two-bar count-in. So on the count-in I hear two different clicks.

This is quite frustrating.

Is this the result of turning off all sound except the metronome, which you very much wanted to do in your other thread?

Certainly setting the Playback Template to silence would silence any instruments except the metronome.

Based on your other thread, I’m guessing you’ve somehow assigned the click to the instrument you’re inputting. If you never want to hear the sound assigned to the staff while inputting, just uncheck MIDI Thru in Preferences.


FWIW, I work the same way. I only want to hear my MIDI keyboard while inputting and never anything from Dorico. I’d still like the full complement of sounds to play back when I play the file though.

Thanks! What a simple solution. All is well now!

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