Extra Notes in Measure/Bar

Hello Daniel and Team behind Dorico,
I’m impressed how improved it is since the previous version… Good job people! :slight_smile:
I’m testing Dorico Pro Trial version and I’m wandering if it’s possible to insert extra notes in measure/bar as shown in the screenshot below? This is possible in Finale and Overture. I find this very useful for faster workflow… especially when I need to write tuplets… for example first to write 3 eight notes at the end of the bar (the last eight will be extra note) and then to unite them all into triplet.
If such thing is not possible… would be nice if you are able to make it happen :slight_smile:
Sibelius doesn’t allow inserting extra notes and that’s one of the main reasons for me to use it only for final engraving… the main scoring software for me is Overture… transferring projects via MusicXML…

Thank you in advance for your reply! :slight_smile:

Best regards

P.S: I tried to transfer project from Overture to Dorico via MusicXML… the imported result is really terrible… Probably the integration of MusicXML in Dorico needs more workaround?! In Sibelius and MuseScore everything looks fine.
I spent few hours playing with Dorico last night… well, there are many things I liked, especially in the Engraving side of the program…
In my personal opinion the workflow needs improvement… As I stated here: https://www.steinberg.net/forums/viewtopic.php?f=246&t=135922&start=50#p749054 in Overture I was able to create 16 bars of orchestral piece for around 1h and 40min. after the first installation without any previous experience and spending too much time on the documentation… For now nothing beats the workflow in Overture, in terms of speed and logic…
It would be nice and beneficial for Dorico if you spend time to learn how Overture works, every aspect. Don Williams is a bit strange guy in his behavior with his costumers, not an easy person… Anyway this guy is real genius.

Actually, in Dorico you don’t need to worry about bars and barlines at all.
You can just write the notes and convert them them to tuplets later. If you activate insert mode before you summon the tuplets popover Dorico will shift along the remaining notes automatically, even across barlines.

I hope this helps!

Florian, thank you! :slight_smile: I’ll check this later. It is helpful information.

Greetings :slight_smile:

@Thurisaz - Maybe there’s no harm if, in the meantime, you could supply a small example file of Overture’s MusicXML output, for the team to look over…

Just saying… :slight_smile:

Also, investigate Edit > Preferences > MusicXML Import. You may find that if you untick things you get better results.

pianoleo, thank you for the tip! :slight_smile: Unfortunately didn’t help and the situation is the same…

Puma, of course I will supply the Dorico team with the problematic MusicXML, as soon as they ask for it. and give me some e-mail to send the file. :slight_smile: I hope someone of them will check this topic.


Please go ahead and zip up and attach a representative MusicXML file exported from Overture to this thread. It would be useful if you could also include a PDF exported from Overture so I can see how the original file looks. I expect that the MusicXML exported from Overture has some quirks that Dorico hasn’t seen before: it’s very easy to export quite odd things in MusicXML, and other programs go to greater lengths than Dorico at the moment to try to handle non-standard or problematic exports.