Extra numbers keep being added to my Nuendo Project File Names?

Is there any way that I can stop Nuendo appending project filenames with “-01” etc? Numbers keep being added to the end of the project names and because it’s adding extra numbers it then messes with the “Recent Projects” dropdown menu saying it can’t find projects… because it’s added numbers to the end. See the picture below for an example.

I don’t recall this happening in previous versions so I’m wondering if this is either a new ‘feature’ or something I’ve turned on by mistake? Is there any way to stop it happening? If I was regularly hitting Ctrl+Alt+S then I’d understand why this was happening but I am not. I’ve removed that particular shortcut and it still happens. Any ideas?

example filenames

That only results from using File>Save New Version, so maybe you set a key command for that unknowingly?

Hey Steve, yeah as I mentioned at the bottom I’ve totally disabled that shortcut which is why I’m so perplexed :sweat_smile:

One possibility is that it could be something to do with working within a Dropbox folder, but again it’s only started happening recently and Dropbox doesn’t seem to do anything like that with any other files.

So turn off Dropbox and see if it still happens, then you’ll have eliminated or confirmed that as the culprit.

As an aside, I use a service called Sync.com, and never see problems like this. I think they manage to solve the problem file-lock causes with syncing.

It’s Dropbox.
Happens when you try to save a project a second time before Dropbox finishes uploading the previous save and doesn’t release it to be overwritten.