extra output routing problems

I am trying to set up my bus so my midi keyboard trigers the vst (BIV organ) which is sent out a mono out put through my Motu 828 into a ventilator pedal. The ventilator pedal stereo outputs are then fed into an audio track imput to be recorded.

So: 1) created mono output bus 2 in Cubase and 828 output channel 2) set BIV vsti imput to midi channel and “volume” output to the new mono output bus 3) connect that output bus to Ventilator Leslie Pedal 4) run stereo outs from Ventilator to stereo imput channels on 828 5) set a stereo Audio chanel imputs to the ventilator output 6) set audio channel outputs to stereo out

There seems to be some kind of conflict in this setup. i.e. sometimes the system works except the mixer stereo output meters show no audio despite being able to hear them. After I record I listen to the recorded audio channel and it sounds fine (still no stereo output meter movement). If I then add an additional, standard audio channel and record some normal audio, everything later plays through the stereo bus with meter signal. I then try to record more organ through the midi to vsti to ventilator to audio channel setup and no sound to the audio channel set to the ventilator output.
Also, after doing this, to record I have to push the play button then the record button. If I hit the record button on the transport first then play, the record function turns off.

Wow…Any ideas, suggestions etc.?