Extra Page Not Disappearing No overides

Having this problem happen several times. I’m doing parts for a string quartet and in the current circumstance had 2 systems on the last page (of 3 pages). I moved those 2 staves to page 2 and can’t get rid of pg. 3. I removed the overrides but it still won’t go away, and I also notice page 2 has no overides (?). I’ve read the topics re: this and see it is a not uncommon problem. So what’s going on? Please see attached photo.

Richard, maybe someone else can diagnose this with the information you’ve given, but it’s not enough for me to tell what’s going on. Could you attach the project here? Or possibly show screenshots of the previous pages?

As a side note, it’s not unusual that page 2 would have no overrides. Making into frame, or forcing systems to a different page, does not create an override.

I certainly can’t tell what’s going on from this one screenshot.

VSL.doricolib.zip (24.1 KB)
Here’s a zip of the project:

That’s not a zip of the project. You need to zip up the file that ends “.dorico” and upload that.

St.Qt.2 Vln2silence.zip (447 KB)
Oops, try this please:

At bar 116 you have a Frame Break, except the music continues in the same frame - you’ve entered a Frame Break then worked against it by adjusting the Staff Spacing manually. Regardless of what you do with Staff Spacing here, these systems still belong to page 3, as can be seen if I delete your manual staff spacing!

Look at the allargando marking at the top of the second page - that’s one bar to the right of a Frame Break.

Turn the Frame Break at 116 into a System Break and page 3 disappears.

I note that you have another Frame Break at bar 51, two systems from the bottom of the first page. Those two systems belong to page 2.

Reset your staff spacing for the layout, turn on your Frame Break and System Break signposts and put Frame Breaks where you actually want them. In future, use Frame Breaks or the “Make into Frame” button to fix your casting off, not the Staff Spacing function

Thank you pianoleo, that fixed it, although I have to say it’s one of those Dorico ‘not very intuitive’ moments.