Extra silence time before bar 1

I imported a file from Sibelius ver 7.5 into Dorico Pro 3 and now the score has a 9.12s silence before the first bar. Please see the attached screen capture of Setup mode of the score. How to get rid of this time? Also with this error, the DS al Coda won’t work, as the score refuses to jump before a certain bar.


Hi JM,
this seems to be a timecode setting that can be changed in the video properties dialog (Video start offset and/or Timecode begin).

I checked the video properties, in my file, both Video start offset and Timecode start are at 00:00:00:00.
So the problem remains…

As I am wont to say, please attach the project.

Here’s the first 22 bars of the file. The 9.12 seconds silence before the start is still inside.
Please take a look. Thanks in advance!

xxx.zip (970 KB)

The problem is caused by repeat markers, which have ended up off the start of the project somehow. I think we’ll need to see the original MusicXML file to figure out why this is happening. Can you provide it?

Here’s the original Sib file (ver 7.5) and the XML file that I exported from sib…

Unfortunately I don’t have access to a version of Sibelius later than version 7.1.3 (the last known good version). Are you able to back-save the Sibelius file in Sibelius 7 format for me? Sorry to be a pain.

No problem at all… here’s it in ver7…

Thanks for providing a file I can open. If you delete the “To Coda” marking at the end of bar 53 and then re-export the MusicXML file from your Sibelius file, you should end up with an import where there’s no unexpected delay at the start of the flow. The problem is caused by Sibelius setting a very, very large offset on the “to coda” mark, which causes it to be imported off the start of the flow. Dorico should have some safeguards against that eventuality, which we’ll look into adding, but for the time being, if you’ve already done a lot of editing and don’t want to reimport from scratch, copy and paste the music from your flow into a new flow and you should find that the delay is removed (since you can’t select or copy the repeat marker causing the problem).

Thanks Daniel, I copied and pasted to a new flow, that works! The annoying delay is gone.