Extra VAT

Steinberg Website - Price including $18% VAT
FastSpring - Extra €25.80 incl. VAT (20%)
$18 Vat + €25.80
Price $129.99 to €154.80

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Where in the world are you located?

seems that also the currency changed from USD on the shop to Euro on fastspring ?

Where in the world are you located? TURKEY

Is it important? We’re paying 40% more because of your FastSpring deal. You put $99 in VAT, then you add an additional VAT at the checkout. The difference is too high for our currency. When you make special discounts, what you offer as a discount is the same price for us.
There was no such problem when we used Asknet, $99 = $99
FastSpring $99 = €119

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It certainly matters, yes, because tax regimes are different in different territories, and I can only look into this issue to find out whether what you are seeing is correct if I know where you are located. Please leave this with me and I will see what I can find out.

I know your tax regimes are different. I guess you didn’t understand the question?
TGuitar $129.99 says it’s 18% VAT, correct?
FastSpring says it is within 20%. the price I have to pay increases to €119. I pay 18% VAT for your TGuitar and then extra VAT for FastSpring.

I do understand the question. I have asked my colleagues why the price shown on the web site is in USD with a tax rate of 18% while the price shown when you check out is in EUR with a tax rate of 20%. Please be patient to give my colleagues time to look into and answer this question. It is not a question I can answer myself, so you have no choice but to wait.

The problem is not dollars and euros, my point is, for example, on the Steinberg page Cubase Pro 12 Update from Cubase Pro 11 ($99.99 *Price including 18% VAT) Price including? correct? then FastSpring €119.99 *Price including €20.00 (20%)
Total VAT paid by me Steinberg + FastSpring = 38% VAT

$99.99 *Price including 18% VAT ) Price including?

There was no such problem when you used ASKNET before. $99 = $99 Price including 18% VAT

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Cyprus VAT 19%
Italy VAT 22%
France VAT 20%
Turkey VAT 20%

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The same problem in Turkey.
$99 should include VAT according to the website. But FastSpring adds 20% on top of that. Like €99 +20%.




Please be patient. My colleagues will look into this as soon as they can, and I will provide an update once I have one, but you might have noticed that today has been quite a busy and important day with the launch of Cubase 13.


Yeah. It’s really great. I’m waiting for Nuendo 13

Just to give a brief follow-up: we believe we have identified the cause of this issue. We will be working with FastSpring in the coming week to try to address it. I’ll provide another update when I have more information. Thank you for your patience.


Thank you so much

Any news about Vat?

By the way, the problem is solved.
At least for me (Turkey, Cubase Pro upgrade).

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My colleagues who are managing the online shop have let me know that this issue is indeed now resolved.


Any news on the weird expensive Canadian pricing?