Extract a voice out of stereo field


I record a choir. For rehearsal it is helpful to extract the single voice.

Let`s say

Left soprano

Middle left alto

Middle right Tenor

Right Bass

I recorded and mixed some pieces with a good stereofield

Q.: is it possible to extract the single voices out of the stereofield?

Wish: e.g. Alto is almost solo, or at least 30 dB louder then the rest

The only way I know is to record with one micro in front of each voice. Ok – that is possible, but rather I learn how to extract out of stereofield

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Use the SpectraLayers to do so, please.

Hello Martin

Thanks for the quick reply.

I know SpectraLayers and used it successfully. Had a recording choir and digipiano and midi as well. I could separate the choir from the low sounding digital pianosound. Then used the midi and create a well sounding accompaniment using Steinway grand in TheGrand. Then mixed with the separated choir – voila – sounds good to me.

To separate the choir from piano is a very sophisticated task. And the programmers do a real good job. If they can do a such a ambitious task, I wonder if they cannot separate acustic signal out of stereo field.

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