Extract audio to midi + modulation wheel or dynamic

I know it is possible to extract midi note from an audio sample.

Is there also a possibility to extract the “volume” or “dynamic” information from audio to midi and to assign to CC1 (modulation wheel) ?
I mean, I would like to capture the crescendo and decrensdo from a Cello sample and apply as aa midi CC data to my midi track.

Hope my request is clear :slight_smile:


I think you can use this free VSTplugin:

It converts audio to MIDI.
It seems to output MIDI CC#3 for volume control but you can change that data easily to CC#1 afterwards (or live with the Input Transformer).

In the description it states that you need to insert two instances of the plugin but for basic conversion one instance on the source audio track is enough.
Set the MIDI track’s input to the plugin and just record the MIDI track as if you’d play yourself.

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Thanks a lot Johnny.
Not tested yet but sounds good (and give other idea for different project !)

That’s what I like in community, everyday we can discover new products, developement, ideas,…

Than you !