Extract midi automation?

Hello, I’m on Cubase Pro 9.5 and have set up a Midi drum tracks using the Drum Editor in the lower zone. Then I recorded some CC automation data from my keyboard controller knobs, and then did Functions / Extract Midi Automation to extract the CC automation to a controller lane in the Project Window. I assume that just extracts the Midi CC data and leaves the Notes.

Now, the Midi event/part in the Project Window has gray diagonal lines through it, and I can’t see notes in the Drum Editor or List Editor anymore? What do these diagonal lines mean, and why don’t these editors still show the Notes - are the editors not linked to the Midi Part anymore?

Also, I’d like to move the whole Midi Part/Event a few bars to the right so it starts later in time, but doesn’t seem to move the Notes over?

Am attaching a screenshot of what it looks like. Thanks for any help.


The diagonal lines mean, there are 2 MIDI Parts overlapping each other. You can glue them. Or you can just have a look, what is inside the other (new) MIDI Part.