Extract midi from drum folder AFTER quantizing?

Greetings everyone,
I’m finally back on the Cubase forums (I’ve been known as “ToonHead” since I joined about 7-8 years ago).

I’m loving the new Cubase 6, including the new efficient, super-smooth drum correction workflow. However, it seems to work poorly with the other great new drum feature, namely extract MIDI (i.e. drum triggering).

When my drum tracks are sliced and quantized, I cannot find a way to extract midi from more than a very tiny slice at a time (typically one snare hit!).

Surely there must be a way to extract midi from a whole track, even though that track is cut up and sliced?

I think you’ll need to do a bounce selection to consolidate the parts then hit points then convert to midi.

If you don’t want the track consolidated you could copy the track first then delete it after.

That bloooows. That’s not the way it should work. I thought this would be drumagog-killer for sheer convenience, but apparently not.

Anyway, thanks.

I can see what your saying but would you not want to do a bounce selection after quantise/close gaps anyway?

Just make the Midi before you slice the drum tracks and then quantize the Midi the same as the audio

Or duplicate the drum track and bounce it and do the hitpoints again

Workarounds, workarounds. The thing is, if you click on each individual slice, it does export midi correctly, but I don’t particularly feel like doing that on 279 slices. It needs to work differently.

Thus, my suggestion to how it SHOULD work:

It should be possible to Extract MIDI from the Audio menu when you highlight several slices.

Extract MIDI is fantastically convenient and fun (it’s great for other things too, like creating a synth line that follows the pitch of the vocals). It would be a great replacement for Drumagog et al if this was fixed.

It would definitely be handy, but I still feel that after slicing the hell out of a drum track it’s better to Bounce Selection and tuck the original cut tracks away somewhere just in case. (usually in a folder with the tracks disabled)

Anyway although the hit point detection is way way better than before, i’m still having the odd problem where it doesn’t see the beat properly.

I was using it to extract midi from a snare track the other day, It’s a very complex fast metal track with blastbeats and ghost notes all over the place and the results a bit random!!!

The trouble is that there is only one adjustment for a kind of threshold and thats really it! and I can see it missing hits that are well above the threshold!!! some extra user adjustments would be welcome, like attack and recover kind of things and filtering controls

Something where I can tweak the response of the algorithm to suit the track.

That would be cool.

And maybe also, later on we could get the moon on a stick :laughing:

Hi Split - Lurking a bit on your thread, hope you don’t mind … :smiley:

When you say “disable the tracks” … do you mean to “lock” them, or is there a separate “disable” button?


Right click the track in the track list and read through the menu…

Lurk away :laughing:

Thinkingcap got it.

I find it handy as you can actually stop a track being read from the HD as just muting a track wont.

Awesome - thank you thinkingcap and Split!