Extract midi from polyphonic audio

Hello. Will be cool to have extract midi from polyphonic audio. What do you think?

Don’t need it. Don’t care.

(you asked :laughing:)

Not a bad request. Cubase already has it to some degree.


There are also probably 3rd party apps that attempt to achieve this in more user friendly ways. Grab one and import the results into any DAW you like.

I’ve haven’t tried such apps in a long time so cannot speak for them, positively nor negatively, but here’s an example of some hits I got with quick web search.

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Well, it’s working in Variaudio and just for Monophonic audio. I am talking about polyphonic

I see.

That’s complicated and probably expensive?

You might experiment with the SpectraLayers 7 app that comes with Cubase 11. Sorry I’m not sure what version comes with Cubase Pro (Pro, SE, etc) as I haven’t even opened it to play around with it yet. Worth a look though…since I presume you might already have it on hand :slight_smile:

Perhaps that can separate out some stuff for you, of which you can then run through variaudio in Cubase?

In Cubase Pro we have only Spectralayers One. I am thinking about Pro version of Spectralayers. But I think it’s not program for converting Audio to Midi )

I see, perhaps it’s not an unreasonable feature request.

Never anything wrong with asking for it :slight_smile:

If it’s too complex or expensive, they could always sell it as an add on or stand alone app.

Meanwhile, maybe there’s a 3rd party app out there that’s adept that this task?
Good luck…

I probably shouldn’t be commenting any further due to the fact that, as I already mentioned, it’s not something I am particularly interested in. It’s just that this is a very advanced feature which is covered by expensive 3rd party apps. I think it would be incredible if Cubase included this type of functionality. I just can’t see it happening any time soon.

I wanted to make sure I wasn’t coming across as being dismissive of your request. It’s just that the most popular software for this type of task seems to cost nearly as much or more than Cubase Pro itself …

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