Extracting last name of the token 'Composer'

Is it possible to extract information from tokens by using commands, functions or the like?

My (project)composer is John Smith, and that’s they way I want to present it; both first and last name. On the page footer, however, I would like to use only the last name for short.

I know I could use the various slots in Project info to store the full name as (Project)Composer and the last name as something else. But that might be awkward if, in the future, I need to use said slot for the original purpose.

I could also use (Flow)Composer to have the flexibility I need, but then again, some projects might - and indeed do - need the original use.

Any other workarounds?

There’s no way to perform substring operations on tokens like this, I’m afraid. (It would be cool, but I’m not sure how far down that rabbit-hole we really want to go!)

FWIW I was thinking if a couple extra optional unused fields were added with tags that would neatly solve it, and be generally useful for arbitrary info that people want to propagate through a project. I have a couple things that I have to hijack other fields for.




And I don’t mind doing it.

Doing what, hijacking another field? Sure it works fine and isn’t a problem most of the time, but if they’re inclined it would be tidy to provide a couple (2-4 say) user defined fields, should be easy as it just adds on to the existing system, and would solve OP’s dilemma.


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