Extracting midi from audio

Hi there,

I have extracted midi information from some audio, including the pitch bend information. However, the way variaudio has calculated the midi information it has split up a pitch rise into three midi notes, rather than the starting note with rising pitch CC data. This results in the sound of my synth (which i have copied the midi info to) going up by three notes, rather than a nice portamento/glide/pitch rise. So my querstion is how do I extract the midi information from the audio so that the pitch rise is expressed as continuous pitch bend data rather than splitting it up into distinct midi notes?

Ps. I have tried selecting ‘notes and continuous pitch bend data’ in the extract midi pitch mode drop down menu and still the same problem. I think it’s something to do with the way variaudio is analysing the data, or the way it is expressing the audio as midi.


How big is the glide. I would say, Cunase expects the PitchBbend limit +/-2 semi-tones. Could this be the issue?

When I select ‘notes and continuous pitch bend data’ cubase says that it needs 29 semitones, but it only goes up to 24. However, when I analyse the audio using variaudio, the portamento note is is represented in the audio editor as distinct notes. The pitch bend line is there as a continuous line spanning across these notes, but when I extract this midi info and paste it onto a synth lane all i get are three notes played consecutively rather than a smooth, continuous pitch rise.

Basically, I want to know how to do this: https://www.facebook.com/BillainSystems/videos/vb.109080849114162/1009390412416530/?type=2&theater

Aside from extracting the midi from the audio, what others ways could this be achieved?

Seems like it’s only the timing that’s matching. I think they added the melody, but it’s right on with the original laugh track.

Update: I’ve found that extracting midi info from audio can work very well, but not for all audio, and it’s a seemingly random event as to whether it works or not. Basically, cubase has plenty of moving room to develop the ‘extract midi from audio’ function so that it is more accurate. Right now it’s pretty inconsistent.

Melodyne can do more than one instrument at a time but it’s dependent on what the program is but it can be pretty useful.
In Studio One you drag an audio file to a midi track and it’s converted. Some cool things in studio one but I keep coming back to cubase for midi processing.