EXTREME Design Flaw: Keyboard Shortcuts hardcoded to Macro Names, not index or database

The scenario is this: I have hundreds of macros that I’ve created when working, at times when I didn’t have time categorizing or being structured. Now when I have some time, I’m rebuilding and optimizing my workflow, and I need to categorize the macros. Only to find out that if I change a name of a Macro the Keyboard Shortcut is lost. With lack of finesse and out of frustration: That is just counterintuitive and dated.

Why is the macros not indexed in a database (or just an XML tag with a number or whatever system you’re using) instead of dependent on THE ACTUAL NAME? It’s such a weird decision it must have been taken back with the first release of Cubase SX in early 2000.

Please fix this. I’m adding it as both a feature-request and issue, because it’s such a strange behaviour that I’m not sure which it is.


That is just stupid

Stupid, you say. But it works great for the intended purpose. I guess you were unpleasantly surprised after doing a bunch of work,. Unfortunate that you didn’t think of testing ahead of time.

It’s an amazing adjective to use for a program not written by stupid people.

Howbout instead of ‘stupid’, we can say counterintuitive and dated.

I agree it’s not a nice word to use, I’ll edit the post. Even though the point remain valid.

I’m not saying people are stupid, of course. But decisions can be. A lot of functions – including this one – is good in theory. But in practice are never “finalized”.

The Macros: Excellent. Life saver. Etc.

Not referecing namechanges: Why NOT? There is no reason to not have it. And it’s no difficult to implement. Actually, the macros themselves can cross-reference behind name changes. So it’s not even consistent. That is why it’s can only be called a design flaw.

Result: TONS of extra work for anyone who hasn’t thought out the exact process of categorizing everything from the beginning.

When starting to use a new software, it’s difficult to overlook exactly what needs to be done when adapting the software to your needs. At least I can’t. People work differently in the industry. It’s not until you know your software that you can start categorizing things like this.

I wish the same kind of index would work with the PLE and LE-presets as well, that changing the name would reflect in the keyboard shortcuts. It’s not a hard thing to implement.